The Unthanks

You might find Rachel and Becky Unthank singing in a Tyneside folk club one night and playing to 2000 Londoners the next, having performed at a primary school in the afternoon.

You might equally find them rubbing shoulders with Robert Plant, Adele, Elbow and Radiohead at the Mercury’s or in a bunkhouse on the coastline of Northumberland, cooking for 50 fans on one of their residential singing weekends. Running singing sessions in the back of a pub on a Monday before heading off to tour America or Australia on Tuesday.


The Unthanks

on a forthcoming holiday.

Unveiling the Musical Tapestry of The Unthanks: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Exploring the Unique Artistry of The Unthanks

In the enchanting realm of music, The Unthanks are a trio of visionary artists, including the Unthank sisters, Rachel and Becky, and their musical collaborator, Adrian McNally. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of the North East of England, their melodies find roots in the rich folk traditions of the region. However, this creative ensemble fearlessly navigates uncharted waters, continually pushing the boundaries of folk music itself. Through captivating collaborations with diverse artists, from Orbital to the esteemed Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, The Unthanks have crafted a musical journey that transcends conventional categories.

A Harmonious Blend: Tradition and Innovation Interwoven

Diving into the sonorous tapestry woven by The Unthanks, one encounters a delicate interplay between darkness and hope, melancholy and resilience. Their lyrical narratives delve into the intricacies of everyday existence, painting poignant portraits of life’s trials. Simultaneously, their melodies elevate the soul by celebrating the natural world’s beauty and the profound connections that bind humanity. Through their music, The Unthanks deliver a resounding testament to the intrinsic unity of all, underlining the potential to surmount any challenge when united in purpose.

Championing Diversity: The Unorthodox Path of The Unthanks

Eclipsing categorisation, The Unthanks’ journey is a study in contrast. From signing licensing agreements with industry giant EMI to the humble recording of vocals within under-stair broom cupboards, their artistic odyssey defies convention. Independent career management devoid of traditional agents or labels coexists harmoniously with collaborations alongside artists as varied as Orbital. Moreover, they embrace and propagate the raw, authentic expressions of folk club singers from their North Eastern roots, inviting listeners to partake in a revival of these cherished tunes.

A Resonant Presence: The Unthanks’ Reach and Impact

Resounding through the airwaves, their compositions grace the playlists of esteemed radio stations like BBC Radio 2, BBC6 Music, Radio 3, and Radio 1. Their unique musical signatures have also graced the pages of prestigious folk publications such as fRoots and NME, testament to their indomitable spirit and eclectic approach. An enigmatic blend of restlessness and eccentricity permeates their craft, making them a creative force defying easy encapsulation.

A Socially Conscious Overture: Folk Music as a Reflection of Humanity

At the heart of their repertoire lies a socially conscious thread, weaving together the threads of folk music and modern insight. To them, folk music stands as an oral chronicle, offering insights into our present through the lens of history. Their storytelling navigates the intricate dance between tradition and innovation, revealing a seamless coexistence. These gentle hands guide staunch traditionalism and sonic exploration, harmonising them into an enchanting symphony.

Conclusion: Melodic Manifesto of Unity and Resilience

In the realm of The Unthanks, tradition intertwines with innovation, darkness converges with hope, and diverse collaborations create a harmonious mosaic. Their music invites listeners to partake in an artistic journey that celebrates human existence’s fragility and strength. The Unthanks remind us that, in harmony and unity, any challenge can be surmounted. Through their melodies, they beckon us to embrace the interconnectedness of all, finding solace and inspiration in the unifying power of music.

The Unthanks Singing Workshops with Singing Holidays
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