The Unthanks

You might find Rachel and Becky Unthank singing in a Tyneside folk club one night and playing to 2000 Londoners the next, having performed at a primary school in the afternoon.

You might equally find them rubbing shoulders with Robert Plant, Adele, Elbow and Radiohead at the Mercury’s or in a bunkhouse on the coastline of Northumberland, cooking for 50 fans on one of their residential singing weekends. Running singing sessions in the back of a pub on a Monday before heading off to tour America or Australia on Tuesday.


The Unthanks

on a forthcoming holiday.

Signing licensing deals with EMI while continuing to record vocals in broom cupboards under the stairs. Spending 9-5 managing their careers without agents or labels and heading down to the studio in the evening to write scores for a project with a symphony orchestra and collaborating with Orbital while championing songs from the folk club floor singers of the North East and re-presenting them to anyone who wants to listen.

You’ll find them played by the folk show on BBC Radio 2, but equally by cutting-edge BBC6 Music, Radio 3 and Radio 1 DJs. You might find them on the cover of a folk magazine like fRoots or in the pages of NME. Definable only by their restless eccentricity, there are no easy one-liners to capture who or what The Unthanks are or much point in guessing what they’ll do next.

With much of The Unthanks’ work​, ​there is a socially conscious heart​. They see folk music​, less as a tradition, and more ​as an oral history that offers perspective on our time. Their approach to storytelling straddles the complex relationship between modernism and learning from the past. Staunch traditionalism and sonic adventure may seem like opposites, yet they are easy bedfellows in the gentle hands of The Unthanks.

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